Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

it was ok...

it was allright....stupid ending though


its alright i guess

money glitch :D

really great game, but there is a little bug with that getting damaged for no reason thing mentioned earlier. If you have the auto life restore power, and leave the cursor alone while it's filling up your hp, and you have less gold than hp left to restore, it will take about 300 points off and give you a LOT of gold. If it happens near the end of the level and you leave it alone, while it's in the powerup screen you will get an endless amount of gold while you stay in the powerup screen. Just thought you should know. ^^

weird bug :S

this is a very, very good game, and i hope you make a third. however, i encountered a strange bug in the game that my life went down a bit as if i we're attacked, but there was no one who attacked me. it was like a kamikaze, becos my life went down by a certain amount, which increased througout the waves, ending in an attack of a few thousands in wave 45 (i think)


This game is absolutely great. I was not expecting something as good as this. What really caught my eye was the menu, that was amazing. the sort of balls going down the pipes then dropping through a hole with a cool info screen was great! I loved the game play too. 9/10