Reviews for "Ariel's High Sorcery 1of3"

you are an inspiration

your work is brilliant and your character designs are great as well


I do not kno why but something in these animations make me feel addicted to them. In a good way! ^^
The graphics are great aswell is voice-acting. As the person before me said "I can't wait till the 2nd part"
The link you have there saying that 2nd part is here does not work....
Ah well I -seriously- can't wait to see more of this!
Exellent work!

!!!!! ^-^

this is so cool the way qraphics are its better than something on t.v. now a days cant wait till part 2

Another one

Great,this is nothing less than previouse flash of Yours I saw. Feels nerly like watching anime at cinema.Gotha keep an eye for next ones.

Btw,sorry for plain questione like this.This is inspired by anime or manga?If so then can You point me what one?(Yeah,I know Im lazy to search myself,I prefere direct information)


That was incredibly well done! But why so short? If it were longer, it'd be even better! Definately a "5".