Reviews for "Ariel's High Sorcery 1of3"

holy fuckin shit

putting all the anime, furry, and boring voiceacting aside, this was one hell of an animation.

Great graphics, especially backgrounds, and the movements were incredibly smooth. Looking forward to longer stuff from you.

touched responds:

Thanks, but what do you mean "furry"? Are elves considered furry these days?

Amazing but Short

The graphic and sound were great. I like artists who put quality over quanitity, but I hope the other 2 are longer.

I say don't listen to people.

Often times people rather just have some long drawn out story instead of something short and sweet. Seeing this as is I think its fine and of perfect length since it doesn't include anything to discredit its quality.

Also you can kinda tell this is going to be added to at a later date, so people just need to be patent.

Good job at the pheonomes, and the acting. She looked excited when she wanted to show whoever her new ability.


very good art and animation
Very good sound/ voice acting

story OK as far as it goes, but too short a piece. To those of you who know something about this series or whatever it may seem OK, but to the rest of the world its just a snippet of story not a decent episode length to get into.

It needs some kind of intro to explain who/what.

Also, you need to put a hyperlink to part 2 at the end, prefereably with a sentence about what will happen, not just something in your notes.

Good work please sort it out.

touched responds:

Well, I can do that *now*, but of course while it was freshly uploaded I had no way of linking to something else that hadn't been uploaded yet. Now they're both out of judgement and I have the URLs, I can add them, but I'll probably wait until tomorrow when I can upload the 3rd bit. Can only upload 2 files per day.

great animation!

the animation was top notch in every ability; you have successfully brought life to the characters and every move mase done with professionally even if i forgot how to spell that word, it is still flawless in animation. the storyline is a bit vague so you might want to clear that up a bit.