Reviews for "Ariel's High Sorcery 1of3"

Breathtakingly Short.

To make a short story short. Some girl(Mage in training) practices anatomical contruction. She tries to enlogenate here fingers, but a it is a tad too hard on her wee little joints. So she mana dyes(magically recolors) her hair. The Result are sucessfull and she is eager to show her friend her new tricks. Once again this is a beautifully illustrated fantasy world. I like how it is all cute, innocent, and etheral right now. Please note, if you ever depict your characters battling things, be sure to use some sweet had drawn sequences.

Wow. Just wow.

The graphics on this are simply amazing, and I'm EXTREMELY impressed that you managed to creat a 3D-ish flash without sacrificing ease of flow between one frame and the next. It really makes this flash stand out. Perhaps the only thing keeping it from being in the top 50 of all time is its shortness (which I'm well aware of the reason), but even then, I may be wrong.

Excellent work ^_^


Well this was a lot shorter then i was anticipating but for the quality it was worth it. It was really just tremendous to watch, the syncing was perfect, the voices sounded truly professional and the animation was really smooth. I know i have only seen alittle bit of the overall storyline but i just know this is gonna be great. Overall i am very pleased with this.