Reviews for "Ariel's High Sorcery 1of3"

I'd buy the manga but I can't find it anywhere...

Except your website, and, no offense, I don't trust delivery online services.


I thought I was the only one that still remebered that Lodoss animes/mangas..
It looks very good...
Right now I can't think of any suggestions.


I've been trying to follow Drowtales online, til I got lost and just decided to start buying the manga. Anyway, isn't Ariel Drow/Spyder or something like that?

I Love it but...

...why are there moons and clouds when the place (Orthorbbae Cavern) is underground?Other than that i love it oh and also I like the Orthorbbae dorm room background or whatever it is.

touched responds:

From what the comic artist told me, the sky is a magic projection on the ceiling, not a real sky.

great animation

the monement was very smooth and the voice seems to fit however it was sort of annoying that i coudnt pause it. oh and to Flipperthepriest the series is nowhere near finished