Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country?"

Donkey Kong Dumb

Kiddykong, it's a drug called weed and to the creator, the loading took longer than the actual thing.

That was funny!

That was really funny when Donkey Kong was smoking pot.

Brings back memories.

I'll answer your questions:
1) It is 'ok' as it is, but it would be a lot better if you made it a little longer, add a scene between the peace signs and candy, which eventually leads up to the end, which was a nice touch (?lol?).
2) The music was good and fitted in well. Perhaps another scene would have made it a bit better as you could have put in other songs.
3) Some of your stuff is not as good as this, but its a bit tricky to rate them against the others if you are using sprites etc.
All in all, it was good, I'd have had more to say if it were a drawn flash, but this was still enjoyable - and it took me back about 10 years.
Hope this helps, the idea was good, so I hope to see more of your stuff.

Emanhattan responds:

ok, b ut you trated humour like shit and you rated all very low
in the future please rate better because is feekin hard to do thhis


I admit it was made pretty poorly from an animation point with the skippy frames but just the little things about it got me laughing like with the "pot leaf+kong = :)" then a hilarous ending to it,it's worth a watch for some humor.

This was okay. I only dislike when Cranky Kong was killed and plus the fact that this was short. Other than that, it's funny! :)