Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country?"

Pure Funny

Now that is funny.

Emanhattan responds:

THANKS! now git into my page and watch some more!


Hahahhahhahaha why dont you become the creator of newgrounds?

But the file is 4 MB? Thats a litter too much, Nice flash though!

You never stop amazing me!

Emanhattan responds:

whoa! thanks man! means a lot to me to recieve good fedback from newgrounders


i agree with DJcash25 you should become the maker of newgrounds 5/5 10/10

Emanhattan responds:

I know. but what am I supossed to do?


donkykong goes to hippie land. diddy got rapped.]= poor diddy

Emanhattan responds:

hes gonna feel that in the morning


dude you gotta make another one