Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country?"


Was a good year hahahahaa

Emanhattan responds:

and that has something to do because....?

Stupid but Lol

Hade me chuckle a little , good concept

Personally, I was turned off by this. No pun intended. Well, maybe. I don't know if weed gives you hallucinations. That's more LSD. Anyway, the sprite work wasn't bad.

The background looked off. It just didn't make much sense for Donkey Kong. Why would he of all video game characters get high? You could have used anyone else. Well, he does live in a pretty wacky place.

Wel then.

A tad short, well, Very short. I think you can improve by maybe making this a collab, so grab your friends. And I think you should get a better concept. I hope this helps. :/

wtf did i just watch?