Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country?"

That was freaking hilarious

I never thought I would see two childhood video game character smoke the ganj and then donky kong would hump Diddy because of the effects of reefer. Good one. That should be in the drug collection.

Emanhattan responds:

then please add it to Videogame parodies or to DOPE FLASH colections :)


if that ever happened it might end up that way, but it was a great flash

Emanhattan responds:

something tells me you didnĀ“t like it.... but thanks anyway


dk rapped the other monkey

Emanhattan responds:

haleluya : D

*breaks 10/10 streak* =P

I completley agree with the video's description.

That is, indeed, extremeley sick and perverted. I'll never look at DK the same way AGAIN. O_o

Emanhattan responds:

lmao thanks : D

Donkey Kong Dumb

Kiddykong, it's a drug called weed and to the creator, the loading took longer than the actual thing.