Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country?"

OHHh god, oh god, yiffing yaoi...

Oh my my, this was so ... reminds me of a web comic... concession or something like that, but this was just a shock to me I was laughing so hard, my room mate thought less of this one, but I love it.

Emanhattan responds:

thank you! and tell your room mate "dont be an asshole, vote 10 on this asshole! :)


Never expected that to happen.Still very funny,though.

Emanhattan responds:

thank you

A quick laugh for yong parsons on the go

I thought it was pretty funny, it was short, but it was a good laugh nonetheless especially for those who aren't looking for something too cerebral to laugh at, (God, I hate Dennis Miller) a silly amusing movie.

Good job!

Emanhattan responds:

Yo seem like a guy who knows what he wants, that's great!


Was a good year hahahahaa

Emanhattan responds:

and that has something to do because....?

Brings back memories.

I'll answer your questions:
1) It is 'ok' as it is, but it would be a lot better if you made it a little longer, add a scene between the peace signs and candy, which eventually leads up to the end, which was a nice touch (?lol?).
2) The music was good and fitted in well. Perhaps another scene would have made it a bit better as you could have put in other songs.
3) Some of your stuff is not as good as this, but its a bit tricky to rate them against the others if you are using sprites etc.
All in all, it was good, I'd have had more to say if it were a drawn flash, but this was still enjoyable - and it took me back about 10 years.
Hope this helps, the idea was good, so I hope to see more of your stuff.

Emanhattan responds:

ok, b ut you trated humour like shit and you rated all very low
in the future please rate better because is feekin hard to do thhis