Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country?"


Very, VERY funny. might wanna make longer ones in the future.

Emanhattan responds:

2 new flashes have just entered,work of my hand...
and if you liked this one I ENSURE YA you´l love these ones!ha!
they have just been submitted


lmao... barrel full of joints.. classic...

really nice flash... had me rolling when he starting taking advantage of diddy


Emanhattan responds:

THANKS A LOT MAN!Nthat means a lot to me

Got a light?

Weed makes me horny, too. I loved the old guy getting crushed at the begining. I would love to have a barrel full o' joints.

Emanhattan responds:

thanks dude

Loved it

I love Donkey Kong, and I love pot. Beautiful.

Emanhattan responds:

if it is okay for you it is okay for me!


if that ever happened it might end up that way, but it was a great flash

Emanhattan responds:

something tells me you didn´t like it.... but thanks anyway