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Reviews for "pokoman"

I could do better and i suck.

I just have the decency to keep it off newgrounds.


I dont know this "New wave" genre and whatever the fuck this is , but id love to know why the hell this trash is in the top 5.

All that rated higher then a 1 are idiots. Im sorry but this doesnt even qualify as music -_-f

My ears.

My ears are bleeding. And that can only be because of how awesome this is!
Not only is this now my ring tone but I will also sing this at my wedding for everyone to hear.



Awesomebombing gone wrong...

I'll say this, it probably took a lot of courage out of this kid. Bravo.

That being said, I agree with YanX. This is extremely annoying.

To every who saw fit to awesomebomb this: By giving this a 10/10, you're forcing me to sit here and listen to this and write this review of this definitive test of my nerves.

This doesn't deserve 10/10. This doesn't deserves 0/10, as much as I'd like to just leave it at that.

Yes, it was horrible, but I've got to give the kid credit for sitting there and recording this, despite the polarized reviews it was bound to get here. I'm split down the middle here and... ugh, the horrible noise...

I'm going to give it a 5/10 and leave now. I need to save what little shred of sanity I have left.