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Reviews for "pokoman"

uh why is this top 5

are u seriouse this the top 5 is still here I thought they out this on the others or that they dont wana disapoint the kid

lol lol lol

sad to say i know the tune this is supposed to sound like,
but this is not only way to simple and short,
no, very often you don't even hit the right notes.
please work on it and make it at least funny :)

Haha oh my..

Believe it or not, I JUST created an account to simply comment on this. Reading the comments, I find I agree with a lot of them when people say this is simply spam.

I'm most positive that this was made simply to 'troll' but in the event that you submitted this because you actually thought this was good, my advice to you would be to learn some form of music creation software such as Fruity Loops or whatever it may officially be called.

1 star for the combination of this... sound clip and the comments made me laugh haha

Could be better...

You "dewned" way too high at one point and it sounds really distorted. Hope I helped. :)

Still rating zero...

...even if you deleted my other review about this shockingly talentless soundclip.
You want to know why I gave you 0/0?

-It shows no talent, and does not explore new techniques of sound production.
-It is an insult to people who actually try to make music.
-I could record something much better and upload it too in 5 minutes.
-Even if this is a "joke" "song", it's terribly done, and has flat humour.
-The notes waver, and there is no construction to it.
-No effort in the vocals.
-There are background noises to be heard.
-This lacks EQ'ing completely.
-If it's a loop, it loops horribly - it sticks out at odd angles, and is incredibly annoying.

So prove me wrong - Tell me why this shoddy soundclip sounds "good" in your opinion. Because to be frank, it doesn't even carry a beat, nor a melody - it sounds like you just chose to sing random notes with no real purpose other than to waste NG's server space.