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Reviews for "pokoman"

I still don't see how this made it into the top 5

I'd like to know why people can vote 10 and have their vote stay up even if they don't have a good reason, where as people who vote 0 get removed unless they have a good reason for it.

I'm voting 0 because:
1. I do not like it, it does not show any talent and it is an insult to people that actually try to make music.
2. Because I personally dislike every last "note" in it, and I could attempt to criticize it bout would gain nothing from doing so.

However, congrats man for making it to the wall, guess someone somewhere really liked it.

well come on guys

at least it has a decent loop XD

I figured it out ! :D

I bet it's on here because they couldn't think of a good upload for one of the top 5, so they added this as #3. That must be it.. :D


Its funny how the people below don't know how to take a joke.

Obvious troll is obvious.

It obvious troll baiter.

He just wants everyone to rage and he gets lulz from it.

Dont feed the trolls, it mean they win.