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Reviews for "pokoman"


was my review earlier deleted if it wasnt as mean as others, and really learn to use a audio software and not your voice. This is really bad but it made me laugh so 1 star

its hurt a little my ears

but if i was no ear it would like it


This is simply a musical masterpiece.

Being serious, this doesn't sound like you put much thought into making this.
Maybe you should use some audio software instead of your own voice.

ok then

Miniscule effort, no direction or discernible timing, and lacking of anything close to pleasant sounding. 1/10 for making me laugh a little.

He Should Join an A Cappella Group!

Haha, just kidding. You sing through your nose way too much. The tune is completely unrecognizable to me. Please add an instrument or sing less horribly.
Also, because I'm in the mood to be a tosser, please proofread your description before posting. "i made this pokoman thin :D i hop you like it!" should say "I made this pokoman [Pokémon?] thing. :D I hope you like it!"