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Reviews for "Line Runner"

did u steal this concept from Kirby? ;)

other than the limited movement with the brush and well, it wasnt very smooth either, nice game. it wasnt the best ive seen nor the worst ive seen WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY i gave u a 6 (im so generous) ^_^<3

nicely done but.....

as i said it is very nicly done must have taken you a wile but i belive i found a bug when you played free mode and crashed into stuff at a very high speed and also coleccet alot of this it froze the comeputer and like dint work.but job well done

Really hard to score this...

Clever concept (turning Line Rider into a twitch action game), well executed, great graphics. This is something I would really like, if it wasn't SO fast, with such a large character on such a small screen, resulting in very little warning about what's hurtling toward you. Maybe if there were another level added before the first level, that eased the player into it better. As it is, I just don't feel compelled to keep playing.

very cool but

.. a game like this demands full screen mode. Otherwise, the damn cursor going out of focus all the time makes it unplayable.

Not that that would be hard to fix... I think even a big window would do it... would just have to be larger than is typical.

What the heck?

Really wierd game, okay gameplay