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Reviews for "Line Runner"

Inspired by?

Fair, but obviously influenced by the REAL linerunner. It wasn't awful, but the actual linerunner is much better. Nice work though.

Basset-Hound responds:

And the `REAL` linerunner is?

Idea is fun... but somehow the game sucked

I liked the idea with walking on the line that you are drawing... But there are just to many purple balls to mantain a high speed.. witch makes it all a bit frustrating.. and i got boost from things i didn't even see that i took them... The song was irritating.. the graphics somehow fit in the game so that's a plus..

I would like to see a version of this where i really have the feeling that what i'm doing acctually makes a diffrence.. That i CAN AVOID those purple balls.. and that ik can take the items i want...
I think you've got great idea so work on the details


good graphics , nothing intresting dough and didnt like the style. sound not bad

wat the?

this game is impossible.


BUT i hate it. Lol sorry.