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Reviews for "Line Runner"

5 seconds of fun

All i have to say for this game it is fun for about 5 seconds. could have been better ,i like games sometimes that think out side the box ,but this one did not even know what the box is.oh and the high scores are soo cracked the top played at 0 seconds yeah right. keep up the work you will get it right

A fair attempt.

A well executed idea, clearly you have some skill in making flash games; unfortunately, the idea really sucked. Seriously, designing a game with 2 seconds of lag between the mouse movement and sprite movement is retarded. Level design left a lot to be desired also.

Bad error

I played this game and while switchin the line there was a sound error in this game >:-(


its not really that fun...

uhh watever

horrible i mean really come on man and dont think im useless cuz its jus constructive criticism