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Reviews for "Line Runner"

Great work.

I played it at 2pm, and now, at 2am, and it's a great detail that day/night "changes" inside the game too. That's something new. The gameplay was really nice, fast placed, a little too hard to see and control though. But overall great work.

Reminds me of Sonic...

... just much better. Great game!

Bug found

I just started a game of free run when I hit a lolly pop. The game froze then a message popped up that said.

A script in this Adobe Flash 9 file has caused your computer to run slowly.

Then I aborted the script and the game went to the end ov level screen but the time started showing random numbers and the rating kept changing.

I have not been able to duplicate this error.

Anyway great game and I thought I should bring this to your attention.

I should have clicked this link sooner...

The game is really, really, buggy. I get a warning that Flash Media Player is running a script that makes my computer slow, so it asks me if I want to stop it. If I stop it, all kind of weird shit happens in the game, and if I don't, the game just crashes.

Just when I got a score of 95 and was going to finish, it crashed... ;(

But, this is probably the most worthwhile game on Newgrounds. Kudos: superb graphics, amazing music, small file size.


Nice game but dude make it like online this will be cool o yeah this game is a little hard but fun