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Reviews for "Line Runner"


A decent game until I crashed going like 120 mph and the game started screeching at me and froze.


it crashed.............


if you like running into bombs and going 1mph most of the time then i suggest this game.

Good idea, bad execution

I really like the idea behind this game, but I just can't deal with 39847587 purple bombs floating on the screen while you have to draw a line that'll make your character go through the small space between them, while running at 150mph. People can call me newbie as much as they want, but I'll doubt finishing survival mode is humanly possible until I see it on a youtube video or something.

It's too bad most flash authors always make their games as hard as they can, instead of thinking about what it'll be like for someone else to play them. There's a reason why most videogames made by professionals have difficulty settings - maybe if a game like, say, Soul Calibur was always impossibly hard, most people just wouldn't have cared for it. And having difficulty settings means you can improve at easier ones, so you can deal with the harder ones better later on.

For a game with so much creativity involved and such quality graphics/sounds, it's too bad most of its potential is wasted like this. And I really doubt everyone who's giving this a 9 or a 10 honestly thinks this game's difficulty level is fair. Controlling a smaller character could have helped.

What the heck?

Really wierd game, okay gameplay