Reviews for "ride"

Random but not too bad.

It was random but it didn't really suck, it wasn't too bad but it could have been better, i liked the start where the things were falling with the umbrellas and you made it look like something completely different and it ended up being that they were in space and the white and green thing was the moon, but to be honest, the rest was kinda boring as you didn't have anything interesting going on and you didn't really have anything that made me thing or that caught my attention. The sound was fine apart from one part where the blue thing came in, that part just sounded really bad.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


thank you

sometimes i forget why i even come back to this site,what with all the crap, it's nice to see some one who sees animation as an art form rather than a way to waste time, this is a very nice peice.


Delightfully colorful and interesting. Very good work.

This is cool.

That movie was trippy. Enough said.

Good Stuff

It was very interesting. Get rid of that annoying boing sound effect it'll be close classic.