Reviews for "ride"

This was so odd!

This was just such a strange movie, that it definitly belongs in my favorites!


Whoever made this must have been insane or consuming hard drugs. I'm sure it has a meaning, but it probably makes use of the kind of fractured thhought process chracteristic of the mad and stoned.


quite frankly i didn't get it... the people who claim to are probably high or out of it. this movie was really weird, like fantasia without dancing hippos. Just goes to show, if you're gonna make a weird movie, add dancing hippos.... or else. who knows though? this may be the fine line between insanity and genius that creates art, but as for me, it was tipping more towards insanity...

yah... looking over this, i don't know what i said.

a beautiful work

a really touching short movie, that proves once again that the better movies orent the violent ones(though those are the funniest)

that was cool!

kinda short...but very cool.