Reviews for "ride"


That must of took alot of layers to fit that animation, well done. If your bored, go to chewymonkeys.com, it's really worth it.

No. 1 on NG !!!

a style that can only described as poetic, in a melancholy way... truly unique, my favorite so far, proof that sometimes less is more, I`d like to see more `simple` but one-of -a kind films like this one, this IS art !!! fantastic ...

well done

beautiful and humorous, despite the lack of plot. It could have used a preloader.

it was okay...

I found it okay, if you like non-violent things.


f i only say one thing, the flowers falling to the ground are absoloutely amazin. I gave it a 1 for humour coz that guy doin the hooverin cracked me up a bit. V dreamy and subliminal. Keep up the good work. :)