Reviews for "The Fear Hole: episode II"


funny but you made a mistake........he didn't ask in the last scene.

Funny, a little annoying and creepy!

You've got it all!


GREAT series
but what was the maoning... or crying... whatever it was? where they making out? or something... im confused...

GREAT movies though keep up the good work!

Scythemantis responds:

Vulthrax was doing to his unsuspecting "date" what monsters with giant, fanged tentacles tend to do :P


Seriously though, why is'nt this on after Aqua Teens. Great writing that does'nt cow tow to NG fanboys. but, it could go for some backround music. IT surpasses the first and most likly only get better. Ya hit another one outta the park with this one. Bravo, Bravo, Encore!


I thought it was better than the first one, the first one had it moments but.... I like this one better.