Reviews for "The Fear Hole: episode II"

So.. Are you a Dog Person?


Great Job.. Great Story.. Great Theme.. KEep it UP !!!


Waffle House FRE-A-IKIN Rocks!!

And so does the fear hole series!!!
Dan's my fav.....and no I'm not gay

or am I?


hehe i love the end *endless hours of pain later* "so are you a dog person?".......
brilliant, keep up the good work

Great work dude.

You had me at "a Labrador retriever, named Kenny".
Hilarity! Pure hilariousness!

great !!

loved it , cool style , looks clean and detailed at the same time , no cliche's finally ! loved the puns . only think it lacks a little is subtitles , not like i din't hear anything , but it would make it easier to watch. I happend to like the pilot especialy the whole over the top SF intro , but this style is plain funnier , and included some wicked animation , keep up the good work