Reviews for "The Fear Hole: episode II"


that was undiscribable.......


A great episode filled with aliens and creativity. Great graphics, clear colors and smooth animation, everything flows together niceely. Love it, keep up the great work!



yellow gloves, dan wears yellow gloves in dis one, along with purple. wicked cool though. and when dan slips out the picture as the purple guy does whatever to the hillbilly, reminds me of a family guy moment.


Just as an after thought... When Dan is watching t.v., that was a perfect moment for him flipping through the channels and the t.v. shows saying funny random out of context things. Such as: We now return to Touched by an uncle. or , are you worthless? can't seem to get over life? Come to Dave's hardware where we have sales on all handguns!!! Bullets half price! we are filling the competition with holes!
Things of that nature...

Scythemantis responds:

Originally I recorded myself flipping channels and got some remarkably funny stuff I didn't have to right ("And jesus said--"........"I love my hover-round!"......"woooo!") but the file somehow vanished when I published the episode. One day I may go back and restore it

I approve!

Volraxx reminds me of Vorn The Unspeakable from Freakazoid. Hooray for Cthulhu-based nonsense.