Reviews for "The Fear Hole: episode II"


...crap. I gotta say, only gave the pilot a 4. Didn't really all out laugh at that...was at work. Then when I had time..tried to view the sequel, ended up reading the review that was there at the time b4 the phone rang, and it said try to be funnier next time with a 2/5 and a 5/10. So when I got off the phone....did something else. Bro, this is hilarious. Please make more. Like this more than futurama...and no i'm not kidding. The charachters are a work of genuis and you have unlimited material to work with. See this one lasting a long time4.....but thats up to you. Thank you for your hard work. On my personal top 100. And iv'e watched tens of thousands.

Scythemantis responds:

It takes me a couple months to do an episode, but I have over a dozen scripts written. Hopefully I can speed up enough to get them done before I'm 50 :)

Almost Perfect

That last joke was too long, and the Voice could use a little more quality.
Like someone said before me, background music might help a lot.

It's funny but it needs to be a bit faster, faster talking, use subtitles if you want to make sure anyone can understand what is said.

Overall I think it is decent, and it has potential, keep it up.

A good start - keep it up

Alright, the graphics were fine for the movie type, although now exactly brilliant. A bit more practice could work wonders there. The sound again was fine, that was pretty smoothly done. The concept is very good, and there is alot of potential here. However, the humor.... for a comedy it wasn't funny enough at all. I wasn't exactly laughing out loud at it, although it was mildly amusing. That's probably what you should work on for the next episode, making it funnier

Scythemantis responds:

Yeah, I kinda played around with dryly stupid banter rather than jokes, which didn't work as well as it ought to.


This actually brought me to tears of laughter! I love the characters and the plot is genius! I cannot wait for more!


... Dan only wore his purple gloves once... Poser rebel!