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Reviews for "Gun Devil"


wow u need to make more of those and good job but what was with the can

The #1 animation thing i have ever watched on NG

This is just the most amazing. my fav video on newgrounds. coolest vid eve. keep up the good work :D

B. E. A. Yootiful!

This video is nothing short of pure win. I loved every second of it. Ironic considering my username.


The animation flows very nicely and I love your choice of music(I watch Blood+ Plus a lot) and I really like how you fit the can into the ending :) The only problem with it is that I wish you had made it longer
And I just figured out that the beginning song is from the game Musashi by Square

Well made.

This was actually a good quality flash. You made the picture roll smoothly and, like some other review said, it synced with the music near perfect. I could only find a couple off beats... but that's just professional opinion.

Well done!

By the way, your from Jakartan, correct? Don't people from there speak Indonesian? If so, I know a bit. Let me try it.

Ini sebenarnya flash kualitas yang baik. Anda membuat gambar roll lancar dan, seperti kata beberapa review lain, itu disinkronisasikan dengan musik dekat sempurna. Aku hanya bisa menemukan beberapa off beats ... tapi itu hanya pendapat profesional.