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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

This was great.

The animation was good. The action was fast paced. Simple, but effective story line. The makings of a really good flash. Not only that. I just really like anime. Such a shame this didn't get a higher place on front page than 3rd place when it came out. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't linger in the past of what could have been. Great flash!


Your english is not a prob. But the fact that your making openings instead of episodes is not cool. All of these are good materials for a good web series. I'm itch'in for some of your powerful anime works!!!

Not bad

You have potential... keep it up.

Awesome Japanimation!

That preloader gave me a headache! anyhow the movie was very good and in general freaking awesome! The blur sequences, static, motion, they all flowed perfectly, your style and artwork flawless, the blood high quality, the theme a mixture of different perfected ideas and concepts and some great new ones. I feel that has beeen influced by just about every peice of japanimation (animation made in japan lol) I have ever seen or heard of, the start is very final fantasy style but turns into a great fight scene cleanly and quickly, bravo bravo. I,m gonna shut up now but a great flash one of the best I,ve ever seen. p.s. this is proparly the longest review I,ve ever written.

No, thank YOU!!

This was a thoroughly enjoyable action sequence. The music was well paired, and I didn't get sick of it. I would've liked the focus blur at the start (on the background and then the can) to be a bit "neater", and also for when he runs towards the building mand the trees are blurring past. Apart from that, it was a brilliant flash. Thank you!!