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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

Made me want to watch BA again...

Looks pretty good (in all respects) considering how short it is... then again, this is supposed to be the equivalent to a short story.
I think what ZangoBlaze means is that how is the protagonist going to explain to his parents why he came home bloodied along with a quite a few scrapes and bruises.
As with the consensus, this does have a potential for a series - a good one in fact.

Pretty good.

Nice movie, but imagine having to explain why you got hurt so bad to your parents...


Magicman-DX responds:

excuse me...??^_^'

also the silver haired person

also the silver haired person looked like someone from megaman ZX advent but that was an awesome flash oh and word of wisdom ( at one time all anime looks the same then it developes and changes)

Yo yo yo

You need to make a series already man. Seriously. We all want one. I see all kinds of teasers in your profile for things that have series potential. Do it! For the fans!

This was great.

The animation was good. The action was fast paced. Simple, but effective story line. The makings of a really good flash. Not only that. I just really like anime. Such a shame this didn't get a higher place on front page than 3rd place when it came out. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't linger in the past of what could have been. Great flash!