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Reviews for "Lars' Adventure"


it's a pretty awesone game, but i would choose diffrent music.

its mario land with a blob wearin a hat

it a good game if ya like mario the only thing about it was the annoying music it keeps on saying it can burn whole buildings if someone is careless next time make one that doesnt have annoying music because i left the game on the 4th level becuase of the music


Very... Interesting. Fun. :D


man quite a platformer! Love the music (despite the fact that that song will be stuck in my head for 3 months) 10/10!


I really enjoyed the style of your main character, the design is quite perplexing. The music in the back really added to the greatness of the game, you chose it well. I couldn't beat the first boss, but I still enjoyed the game nonetheless. The enemies were hilarious, especially the big pile of poo. Overall, this game is the pinnacle of creativity and is highly entertaining. Keep up the great work!