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Reviews for "Lars' Adventure"

granted the micanics of the game r good......

the dificulty was very high and the artstyle realy creeped me the F**k out so sorry no stars 4 u


Heheha... I really loved the music!!! it was fun and super simple and keep anyone occupied for hours!! The first time playing on the first lvl i almost ran out of time cuz i didn't want the music to stop!!! Didn't know that it DID loop through. GOOD THINKING!!! Unless you had it in 3D the graphics are just fine the way they are. It's what makes THAT game THAT GAME!!!


loved the sound track, i cant get the song out of my head 10 stars for the soundtrack aloone


Badass game. Badass song as well. I can't stop playing this. XD


The music is cool and the game is fun but I wish it was a little more polished you know, the levels are all to small and to easy and the art looks like you were rushing to complete it I would love to see and updated version with a story line bigger than there are monsters go kill them.