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Reviews for "Lars' Adventure"

I liked it

I especially liked your background music and using the beginning game sound effects from the older game systems that have sort of died out. One little problem I did have though is I'm a little carpal tunnel effected and I wish the jump button could be hit by the other hand such as linked to the space bar. that's it keep up the good work!

Wondefully made, and fun

Amazingly made, good art style( I love the kinda freaky strange but cute stuff) Interesting monster dying sounds :P All and all this is a 5 and with alittle more substance and some extra's added it could be an awesome console game, just like alien hominid

raitendo responds:

glad you liked it!

An excellent game

One of the most solid platformers I've played on NG. The engine was defined and well developed which in turn shoveled awesomeness by the bucketload into the rest of the game. Lots of stages with varied artwork through, bosses and all, it's got all the features that full platformers have!

Some of the highlights I got here was the sort of puzzle game feel it also gave to it, with the switches and keys that were hidden just that little bit off screen that you had to explore the level to find them, then memorise the root back. I also loved that continue system, probably the most evil I've ever seen in a game yet, actually showing your score being deducted :-P

So what else could it need?

It's a long game, A save system wouldn't be a miss. Also I feel this game would work very nicely with an online high score system, there dosn't seem to be a fixed high score you can get, given time bonuses (of course it would probably get hacked to heck and back)

Well bloody done.

raitendo responds:

Thanks for the review Khuskan :) the game wouldn't be the same without your music.


Its a fun and addictive platform game thats definetly worth playing. The graphics were good and the gameplay was easy to pick up. By the way was that sound in the backround the sound from the 50's educational video "Duck and Cover" for what to when an atomic bomb attacks?

god that song was cool

lol good job this game kicks ass, i thought it was gonna suck when i saw the drawings but the smoothness and game itself made up for it