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Reviews for "Lars' Adventure"

Good, challenging.

Great game, hard but not too hard. Last boss was a bitch though - but in a good way. Cool song, but does get repetitive. Maybe just add an extra song or two for a little variety?

Overall, pretty damn good.

It's alright I suppose.

It was a pretty good game overall. I wish you wouldn't have picked the song "khuskan - Atomic" to repeat over and over. It can get quite annoying and only makes the game more stressful when you die. Eh 7/10, 3/5. Not bad but could be better.

gets boring

i enjoyed for this game for about 5 minuets

lol that song

it was fine but u got that song from atom ant right? how the guy wwas talking about the a-bomb and atom ant would protect us from it

Bulldada? I think so!

This game is the quintessential example of Bulldada. Very, very enjoyable.