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Reviews for "Lars' Adventure"

Pretty decent basic platformer that's mainly worth playing just for that banger of a track. Doesn't really fit the game but God it's good.

this game lacks in originality, but it makes up for it with simple yet fun gameplay, and good level design!

I remember playing this a long time ago and it still is fun. its simple and entertaining

While it was quite a standard game, I really did enjoy this. I think probably the best part of it is how you can follow it so closely. I liked how the enemies were unique. I was in no way expecting a piece of poop to be in this. Then again, I seem to be seeing more talking poo in media. Coins are pretty standard for collecting.

You seemed to have good mobility with this. It wasn't too easy, because you were challenged to get better grades. Dang, you are good with that! It could have been better detailed, but definitley playable. Was atomic one of the oldest remixes?

This game is awesome.I listen a weird sound on enemy.
The poop monster:Horse soung
The two legged yellow monster:Goat sound