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Reviews for "Lars' Adventure"

it burns whole buildings...

liked the game and the soundtrack that went with it
good stuff there!

Oh yes!!

A great game, even greater that you could choose Swedish as an language.. Who cant give a game that has that some cutos? :P

great in it's simplicity

simple yet fun, a little frustrating herethere, and addicting. nicely done.

Soo.. I dont quite get it yet..

Can it burn whole buildings? What are the circumstances for that to happen; is it if someone is careless? ..


Lmfao, that was great.

Great graphics, good overall flow of the game, and that darn song just sticks in your head. It took me a couple continues to figure out the strategy for beating the boss, but I got it. Good job on this, keep it up.


It can burn whole buildings.

Not really much new. A simple platformer with a dash of style and floaty controls. The music was funny and the "Collectable!" (or something like that) sound bit got a chuckle. Still had a bit fun though, kudos.

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