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Reviews for "Naruto Party VI"

One of my favorite kind of flash parodies.

This is a very great flash that I like very much. I like it because(and this goes to the Naruto Fanflash series) I have seen more of Naruto and know the characters and know their personalities and get the jokes. Im glad i am a Narutard.

It has been a while...

...since I last saw a good Naruto fanflash. Most people will just flame it and I don't consider this flaming I just believe it is humorous.


It's been awhile since we've seen a good Naruto skit based flash, ever since the ultimate naruto fanflash series ended, I've been waiting for something new of a simliar style, and I think this is it!

Suggestions for future episodes:
1. If you use big ending song like what you used here, compress it more.
2. Maybe do skits like what you'd find in Phoenix Wrong flashes, that would be excellent!

freakin awsome!

i loved it ! it was funny! please make mor ov thees