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Reviews for "Naruto Party VI"

OMG so freaking funny

Excellent job again Axie! These are so awsome! Look forward to more

another great addition

thanks for making these, snowdragon hasn't submitted anything in a while and quality naruto fanflashes are rare. The animation is getting better and better. I didn't know where most of those saying where from, but they were stil very funny. (could you tell me what they were from?)
Also, you haven't submitted # 1 and 2, do you think they're not good enough or something. Even if they aren't the best, could you submit them anyways, nothing to lose.
Great sequal, good luck on your next one.

pretty good

that was pretty good, it was funny, and a nice length, the artwork coul of been improved slightly but i was impressed with how smooth it was, but try not to use unecasary movements like when the guy was picking his noes (LOL ) the other guy didnt need to do the arm movement twice, but other then that well done and keep improving


some of the greatest movie quotes ever, nice recreation of them, id suggest using more fitted characters, mix in some people from other famous series that would better fit a certain part just to make it even funnier, good job job tho, lookin forward to number 7


ok so this is pretty much just like phoenix wrong. Little clips with sounds from various shows. However, at least you're better enough to draw your own stuff instead of just ripping sprites. I credit you for that, but this just isn't innovative or original enough to deserve true recognition.

I commend you on your drawing, but you really should make your own characters. Naruto and other stuff like video games and other TV series are just way too played out as is. Use your talents to develop your own characters and storylines.