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Reviews for "Naruto Party VI"


The flash was good but could of used some more compression for the length it was should of been a shorter download. We usually see flash that goes into the 6 mb range go at least 5 minutes long. Just a little tip to help get more bandwidth impaired fans to check out your flash.

freaking awsome

i loved the big bug on anko's back, the big brain part was funny! shy does shino have a cookie? deideri (can't spell) and the puppet dude is hilarios! GATORADE pure genious. then when orochimaru did the little nicky thing i fell out of my chair! freakin sweet animation keep it up d(^_^d)!


~ u own teh place lol~

GRAPHICS: very good, just one question, at the start, what was that grey type thing with the jacket?? lol

STYLE: original, thats what we need on newgrounds, originality! well done.

SOUND: some funny voice's lol

VIOLENCE: none, all 10's anyway

HUMOR: LOL!!!! awesome mannnn!!1 good, solid, original humor...with Naruto to back it up. My favourite part was the bit where the woman had a bug on her back "can you brush it off" *MASSIVE BUG!!* "uhhh no...." naruto *scream!!!!* lol awesome

keep em comin, newgrounds need humor and originality like this

keep it up !^_^!


This deserves the Frontpage, no rly this looks great i enjoyed it a lot great work mean, in my eyes todays Daily First ....
Hey can u plz tell me the name of that ending song it sounded great!

Yeah..that was good

nice use of the Apache song...i haven't heard it in a long time..and your skits were extremely funny