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Reviews for "Naruto Party VI"

very good

i like this one it's funny! i hope you make more

that was the sigel most funnyest thing ever

the last guy who reviwed this was a hard ass of all the reatrds in the world he #1

of all the retarded retareds u made this

nuff said

lol ya more

i realy liked the last one. i bet someone gona do another naruto with south park voicers :P

Gangstalicious? Lol Extremely good xD

*agrees* I love how you make your own series like snowdragon. And you I believe were the first to use the movie scripts instead of just music, as everyone else who has started to reply with snowdragons versions. I really liked it, and the only thing I might possibly suggest you should do (this is like flame or stuff) is add the disclaimer and yea. hi.

All in all lovve your flashes they're pimpilicious.
(sry i just love saying gangstalicious and/or pimpilicious)