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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"

good game all in all but a few problems

wasnt very challenging i didnt get injured at all and i played to level 20 and i couldnt upgrade my fire rate of my machine gun to its max it stayed at 22/23 good game though

for those that think it's easy...

This Game gets (Bleep) hard after level 14. the sheer number of enemies was borderline epic. The music also adds a good grace to the 'survive' factor

I also give kudos to the music choce for Survival Mode
Hell March 2 freaking sweet!

its ok ...

It's a good game but graphics aren't good . The men are equally hard to kill as the helicopters (make the copters stronger or the men weaker) and after a while i didnt have to do a thing so basically watching at that point.

It's OK

Here it is, level 10 and I'm not even doing anything. turrets are in full control.

although I'm glad because it's old by now. it was fun the first 4 or 5 levels though. but it just got boring.

Great Game

Awesome game, and for those of you that think it is too easy, wait until you get to Lvl 15 then you actually have to use your gun. My only complaint is that you can't upgrade your health, only restore it.