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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"

Ridiculous waves, lol

I may not be that good at it, but the relentless waves of attackers is too much.


Really needs a fucking pause button.


Good game overall, but with everything maxed, the game plays itself

Bugs and comments.

I liked this game alot and i have a bug and ideas for you.

BUG: after I bought everything else I could not buy the final upgrade for rate of fire for the main turret


1. Maybe revamp the art

2. Maybe more turret types (Lightning/Electricity?)

3. After you max out the upgrades on something instead of another price make it say "MAX"

4. If you follow #2 (and maybe #1) maybe make the area larger to accomodate the extra turrets

5. Change the prices and how much you get for killing an enemy and buying upgrades and items. (something more understandable like instead of 1000/10,000 have 100/1000)

Still I like this game alot

yuo r right

deadrain137 its just after awilhe they are over powering and after a while after that you need you main gun because THEY get overpowering!!!