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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"

Ground is hard

i got to lvl 17 and i could let my aa and rockets take care of the air but i had to constantle spray the ground to get here so i think the ground is way to hard


I guess I should have tried survival mode b/c the thing got really boring just shooting at soldier people at a low angle, not even changing the angle.... b/c the air copters didn't even have a threat warning on my tower.

2 bugs
1) can't buy final level of firerate for main canon (can only get to 22/23?) click but no action.
2) can't buy 6th AAA for a long time after the funds are available... is this a level unlock feature? I don't think so... could be though... it actually has the X on the icon, even though there are only 5 out. Eventually I picked it up.. but don't understand why...

overall pretty fun.


Needs a stop between waves so that you can review and buy upgrades without worrying about dying. Needs a pause button.

had fun

a great game, it has lots of potential.