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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"

Gotta agree with oHenrio

the game was stretching it a bit, without stretching it enough to be cool.

great game

ummmm it was all awesome and ummm who wouldnt attack fort with a chainsaw XD
idk but ummm i hit a couple of spots like when i buy stuff it says max of aa guns is six game only let me get five.... max rate of fire is 23? i had 22 and it wouldn't let me increase 2 23 other than that yah awesome job but i felt like 1/2 the time i coulda just taped left click down at the bottom right since aa and rockets dealed with helis.... anyways awesome :)


Ok I understand that it's just a game and that being realistic isn't that important BUT!
Why is a gun the size of a helicopter not strong enough to destroy it with 1 shot? Why can the soldiers take as much damage as helicopter!?!? Why do the soldiers attack a heavily armed fort with chainsaws??? More importantly why do the chainsaws do a considerable amount of damage to a fort made out of what appears to be stone?

Other than all that shit I liked it.

i could not get passed level 4 with 10 turrets

it really sucks do not play it


I can't pass level 3 for shit