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Reviews for "- Heli Invasion II -"

Good to go

Thats a sh*t ton of Helicopters!

its ok

its a good game.. problem is.. its easy.. too easy? play survival? still easy.. the only hard part in this is that it has no pause.. seriously.. thats it.. nothing more nothing less..

its more like lets see you survive while upgrading rather than lets see you survive tons of waves, endless waves..


This defense game has just about everything one should have. You had a ton of upgrades to buy, which were all pretty useful. I like how you combined both air and ground combat, which made this harder. The difficulty level was also cool. You didn't mess around with easy stages. By stage 3 I had already taken some damage.

give it a freaking pause button

i dint watch it for 20 second and i died
that really blows

Too Easy.

I completely love this game, but it gets to the point where you don't have to play it anymore.

Graphics: I think more effort could have been put forth for graphics. It seems that most of the time was spent with functionality, actually making the game work. The background of the game looks like it took 5 seconds to make. The little things can help your game out a lot.

Sound: Pretty cool. I think you should have had something a little more upbeat though because this a very face paced game, and I think the music should go along with it.

Overall: Very great game, I think it can be improved though.

Gameplay: It was generally too easy. After about the first 5 rounds I actually didn't have to play anymore. In fact, it's playing itself right now. I love progression in the game, but I think you should tone down the upgrades.