Reviews for "A Christmas Special, or"

The little boy scares me !!

Excellence in it's finest form, a flash on NG

This is an achievement of epic proportions. I cannot begin to fathom how this did not get any rewards. When people move, especially the person with the green hat, you matched the hat exactly with how his head was moving. You have changed things where ever you can to make Christmas seem evil. You have succeeded good sir, and I shall be in my bomb shelter this Christmas.

Very good, little boy

I think the loop works well.. you can never escape the downtoned chipmunks.
Good editing work. I lol'd, it was all very terrifying

You sick fuck...

... I love this!!! :D


jajaja... HI SANTA!!! XD luckily i bet i've been a nice dude so i wouldn't be expecting this kind of "gift", you should publish this masterpiece on youtube man :D