Reviews for "A Christmas Special, or"


wow hooray great flash! yur going in my fav artists! im glad someone else feels the same about santa.. oh and for the jew who left the last flash.. do you reeeealllly reeeallly remember ww2? for fuck sake.... lol if you do, then you are too old for this website...


u reminded us all of a horrible war we never needed reminding of from u and u tryed to make it funny by putting santa in it im giving u a 1 cuz im nice >:(


dude great and scechy love that effect you made with the heads. scared me


That was AWESOME! Very gothy and artsy. I love how you used the "Coke-A-Cola" Santa for that. The music also set the tone very well.

See? Nukes aren't so bad....

I loved the stock footage edits, and the downtoned Chipmunks were pretty good, really.