Reviews for "A Christmas Special, or"

Now I know what the Chipmunks actually sound like!

I don't know if that was commentary on your views about Christmas, or if it was just fun, but either way: awesome!

Wonderful work

I've seen this flash many times and I still think no less of it. You have really captured a creepy santa feeling, and you have don it extreemly well. The whole atmosphear and precence of the film is great! I concur with DecimusKrieg as your use of old footage and incorporated selfmade animations blend into a fantastic mesh of hi-quality flash video. Wonderful!

A Masterpiece!

Amazing! The mise-en-scene of this film is astounding, brilliant manipulation of old footage. It really creates a weird, creepy feeling aided greatly by the juxtaposed audio. The old television style aesthetic is so stylish and works so well. This is possibly the most powerful flash film I've ever seen. Stunning.
(Sorry if review is lame, tis my first)

Pretty godamned fucked up.........


A great use of stock footage with Flash

That was a nice christmas story of spreading love and fear to everyone in our nuclear family though a jolly Nazi Santa. A strange gem to behold, very much an issue on christmas and on any other day.