Reviews for "A Christmas Special, or"


Tiiiiiiiiime for toys, and tiiiiiiiiiime for beer!

I love this flash. I love the way the people looked...so morbid and twisted, and oh yes! I love it! And the stripes across the flash were pretty cool...added to the vintageness of it. I like the destruction that was going on also. Heh heh. Me like.

Im afraid of Christmas

WOW. That stuff will give me nightmares, especially all those wierd faced people. Dude, that was MESSED UP. I did sit through I the first time, but when it looped, GET ME OUTTA HERE! Congragulations, I officially am afraid that carolers will eat my brain and Santa will drop an A-Bomb on my house.


Fallout, Dr. Stranglelove, the best of the best! Brilliant style, excellent editing, the nuclear explosion sequence and the transitions especially deserve praise. Creepy, funny, and witty work. Keep them coming!


Santa is Scary

I'm a bit scared!!!

Brilliantly Adverse

The editing work in here is amazing and gives a brilliant effect and atmosphere. Good work! Makes me wish Christmas was early...