Reviews for "A Christmas Special, or"

Somehow I couldn't stop watching

Really very interesting. I don't know if there's a point to the movie, but for holding one's attention you should get high marks. I'm really loving how you took the old films and manipulated them like that. I'd love to see something else of this fashion.

*shakes nervously*

yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iii that was very very disturbing.


I like the beginning

A Frightening Take

I am glad you are still posting on Newgrounds (even though I was rather bewildered that you were put in the Salad Fingers collection =/)

The very first few seconds didn't appeal; I think it was due to the eyes and mouth not really fitting in on that scene as well as the slow/deep satanic voice not apt at all, but once you got into it, it was enthrallingly eerie.

The slowness of the song, and the almost noir-esque nostalgia of the old film clips of WWII fit, oddly enough, perfectly. Everything from you tends to be in this desolate feeling world, but the harmonious feel of Christmas, war, and the ghastly features you managed to combined threw me a bit.

I loved your idea for this and your utopian combination of terror and cheer always make me admire your work more.

All the best for another astounding flash from you.

i loved it

Like all your other works, aura, smile, polsupah, etc... it was amazing. This was deffinately no let down. I Liked the way you brought back other movies into this one like the black and white smile logo, or the buy more sign at the end. But what i loved most about this movie along with all your other masterpieces is the plot behind the plot. The true meaning of the movie. It had both a solid point, and something else you can interpret, a real piece of art.

Thanks for the wonderful movie.